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Holguin Lab increases Trofin Vital production

Trofin Vital, with a high iron content in a medium consisting of honey, protein and amino acids-of high biological value- has rapid and prolonged effects, especially on patients who suffer from anaemia, including those who can take therapeutic oral iron salts. Read More

Diplomatic corps corroborates transparency of Cuban Elections

The transparency of Cuban Municipal Elections was corroborated on Sunday by members of the diplomatic community based on the island. Read More

Domestic pigeons: alternative communication means in cuban elections

The pigeons carry electoral reports from voting stations in remote rural areas during Sunday's municipal election. Read More

Tania Pantoja, a new salsa boom

Hayla Mompié, Vania Borges, Dayani Lozano, Osdalgia Lesmes, Jenni Valdés and Tania Pantoja top the list of this avant-garde group of feminine salsa performers, who in some cases pair and even surpass their masculine counterparts. Read More

"Regalo": Pablo Milanéss new discographic production

With lyrics and music by Milanés himself, founder of the New Trova Movement (MNT) in Cuba, the CD includes titles "Diario", "Regalo", "Dos preguntas", "El largo camino de Santiago", "Bayamo", "Paloma", "Matinal", "La libertad", "Soñando" and "Suicidio". Read More

Colombias Foreign Minister arrived on Sunday to Havana

Colombias Foreign Minister Fernando Araujo Perdomo arrived in this capital city on Sunday at the invitation of his Cuban counterpart Felipe Perez Roque. Read More

¨Road to Eden¨, a new Cuban film

The film is set in 1895, during the Cuban independence war against the Spanish colonialism, and it tells the story of a love triangle between a Spanish woman called Leonor, her maid and a mambí Read More

Fidel Castro sent clear message to George Bush

In his message Fidel addressed the latest news about the announcement by a White House spokesperson that US President George W. Bush would soon present new initiatives for the so-called "transition period in Cuba". Read More

Elections in Cuba massive and positive

All Cubans over 16 and with legal capacity to vote were called to elect 15,236 delegates to make up 169 Municipal Assemblies of the People's Power. Read More

King of Lesotho arrived to Cuba

His agenda here includes official talks with First Vice President Raul Castro, meeting with other leaders and visiting sites of historic and social interest. Read More