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Chavez values Cubas collaboration with Venezuela

Analyzing the state of Cuban-Venezuelan exchange during his televised Alo Presidente program, Chavez said that 30,000 Cuban doctors and nurses working in Venezuela for a little more than five years have saved more lives than the entire history of the countrys health services. Read More

Living with HIV/AIDS

A young man from Camagüey who is positive gives a first time exclusive interview to JR * Dont be afraid to ask Read More

Few Manitobans become 'medical tourists' in Cuba

Most of the company's Manitoba clients are young people who have suffered sports-related injuries who prefer to travel rather than wait any length of time for surgery at home Read More

Spirit of Cuba

Warner Musics Jazzcuba series is required listening for a summary of the music and musicians behind the evolution of Cuban jazz. Read More

Cubas workers promote savings and participation

Savings is today Cubas biggest available resource. He made an appeal to continue combating waste and misuse of fuels, excessive electricity consumption and the lack of organizational controls at workplaces. Read More

Russia aclaims Cuba at Grad Forum

When invited to take the floor, Castro Diaz-Balart highlighted that in the most difficult times of the Cuban Revolution, the Soviet and Russian people, as well as the authorities offered a major solidarity support. Read More

Cuban pianist Harold Lopez Nussa

Just a few days ago, Harold gave his first concert at the Amadeo Roldan Theater with his group and he played some of the themes included on his CD. Read More

President of Guinea Bissau visits Cuba

The visit that concludes on Thursday, will contribute to strengthening the existing relations of friendship and cooperation between Cuba and Guinea Bissau. Read More

Cuba will open new stage in foreign investment

'We are in a situation of maturation of foreign investment.... We are in a condition to expand without committing the errors of the early years (made) in ignorance and because of economic necessity,' the minister Marta Lomas, said Read More

Tropical activity possible in Gulf of Mexico

Weather forecaster Planalytics said tropical activity in South Florida would remain disorganized over the next 24 hours due to the combination of wind shear and little in the way of a low pressure system spinning up. Read More