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Launch of more complete DVD on Che Guevara

The CD features interpretations from several artists and the DVD is entitled "Che, Amor, Política, Rebeldía" (Che, Love, Politics, Rebelliousness). This last documentary is based on a book by Italian journalist Lilliana Bucellini, which narrates Ernesto Che Guevaras life from his birth to his murder in Bolivia. Read More

Cuba can count on the support of Guinea Bissau

Cuba and Guinea Bissau established official diplomatic relations in October 1973, although from an earlier date Cuban internationalists fought in the independence struggles of the West African nation. Read More

Cuban Childrens Theater Company named UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

The renowned Cuban theater company «La Colmenita» will become the first Cuban group to receive that title Read More

Cuban Vice President calls for greater efficiency

Lage said Cuba needs to slash the amount of oil it uses and must improve production of goods that meet basic needs for its population instead of poor-quality consumer goods. Read More

Nation plans co-operation with Cuba in light industry

The two countries should further promote co-operation not only at central but also grassroots levels Read More

Cuban farmers boost Organic Agriculture

Some of the techniques promoted are the use of a yellow flowering species that repels harmful bugs, and the production of botanical substances to fight plagues such as the white fly that attacks tomato plants. Read More

Cuban doctors restore sight of Che's killer

Mario Teran entered history as the young army sergeant who was chosen to execute the captured guerrilla on October 9 1967, an act which marked him as a villain to those who revered Che. Almost four decades later the ageing, retired executioner had his cataracts removed by a Cuban-run medical programme which showcases the benefits of the island's socialist revolution. Read More

Cuba praises high quality of Chinese-made buses

At the end of 2007, some 1,142 buses are expected to arrive in Cuba from China to be used for urban transportation Read More

Cuban President Fidel Castro makes public a letter of Slobodan Milosevic

Cuban President Fidel Castro makes public a letter sent March 30, 1999 by the then president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosevic, as a response to the missive sent by Castro on March 25. In this correspondence, Milosevic conveys thanks for the strong support and encouragement to Yugoslavia, as well as for the condemnation expressed by Cuba and its representatives against NATO aggression Read More

Cuba and Nauru sign collaboration agreement

Among accords was Nauru's inclusion in the Integral Health Program, granting scholarships and cooperating in prefabricated systems for low cost housing. Read More