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July 8th

US authorized cruise company to cover route between Miami and Cuba

The US government authorized Carnival, the largest cruise company in the world, to provide direct flights between Miami and Cuba, announced today the company in the middle of the diplomatic rapprochement between Washington and Havana. Read More

Two Italian banks open millionaire credit line for business in Cuba

Banks Intesa Sanpaolo and Sace, have created a fund worth 80 million euros to facilitate "the issuance of letters of credit" for Italian companies rooted in Cuba, as indicated Carlos Calenda, Italian Deputy Minister of Economic Development. Read More

Cuban choir wins award in Washington, D.C.

The Cuban choir Entrevoces, directed by Digna Guerra, won the Grand Prize at the International Choir Competition 2015 Serenade, held in Washington, United States. Read More

July 7th

Raul Castro sent a letter to Alexis Tsipras: I extend sincere congratulations

Dear Prime Minister: I extend sincere congratulations on the victory of NO in the referendum held in Greece on July 5, 2015. Read More

American Theater Company presents play in Cuba

American theater group ECAS, presented the play "National Sport" last Saturday in Matanzas, by Cuban Jesus del Castillo. Read More

US plans to keep Cuban Adjustment Act

The US government does not plan to change its immigration policy now in regard to Cuba, despite the announcement of resumption of diplomatic relations from July 20, reported on Monday the State Department. Read More

Wayne Smith wants to go to Cuba to open embassy

US former diplomat Wayne Smith is preparing to shut down in the coming months a personal and political cycle of over 54 years, from the bitter January 3, 1961 when he helped closing the US embassy in Cuba. Read More

Cuba-US exchange journalism student

A dozen journalism students and professors at the Fullerton University of California prepare to travel in the fall to Havana as part of an exchange program made possible by the thaw in relations between the US and Cuba, reported on Monday the digital portal 89.3KPCC. Read More

Alexander Abreu and salsero Luis Enrique together in Havana

Lovers of romantic salsa and Cuban dance rhythms have an appointment at the National Theater of Cuba on July 10 at 8:30 PM and will enjoy the music of the Cuban trumpeter Alexander Abreu and the Nicaraguan salsa singer Luis Enrique. Read More

Angola receives the Cuban Five

Under an avalanche of emotions, the Cubans antiterrorist arrived today in Angola, where friendship and solidarity grew up in the long road to support their just cause. Read More