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Today, regular flights Orlando-Havana

The first regular direct flights from Orlando, Florida, to Havana, Cuba are scheduled for today. Read More

US confirms Charge d'Affaires at the forefront of future embassy in Cuba

United States confirmed on Monday the appointment of Jeffrey DeLaurentis as charge d'affaires in the new US embassy in Havana, from next July 20, the State Department said in a statement. Read More

Spain ready to compete with the US in Cuba

Spanish companies are interested in operating in Cuba and are not afraid of competition from US firms that come from the hand of a thaw between the island and Washington, said on Tuesday Jose Manuel Soria, the Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism of Spain. Read More

US authorized cruise company to cover route between Miami and Cuba

The US government authorized Carnival, the largest cruise company in the world, to provide direct flights between Miami and Cuba, announced today the company in the middle of the diplomatic rapprochement between Washington and Havana. Read More

Two Italian banks open millionaire credit line for business in Cuba

Banks Intesa Sanpaolo and Sace, have created a fund worth 80 million euros to facilitate "the issuance of letters of credit" for Italian companies rooted in Cuba, as indicated Carlos Calenda, Italian Deputy Minister of Economic Development. Read More

Cuban choir wins award in Washington, D.C.

The Cuban choir Entrevoces, directed by Digna Guerra, won the Grand Prize at the International Choir Competition 2015 Serenade, held in Washington, United States. Read More