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Juan Carlos 1st tells the Spanish government his desire to travel to Cuba

King Juan Carlos 1st would be seriously considering a trip to Cuba, according to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, and he told it the government of the nation. It would be a special visit of the monarch, who abdicated a year ago, as this was the only Latin American country he did not officially visit in his 39-year reign. Read More

Cuban and USA embassies will be opened on July 20

Jeffrey DeLaurentis, chief of the Interests Section of US in Havana, delivered this morning to the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Marcelino Medina, a letter from President Barack Obama to Raul Castro on the resumption of diplomatic relations and the opening of embassies in the respective countries. Read More

Apple Vacations will offer trips to Cuba from the United States

The tour operator Apple Vacations will offer tour packages in Cuba from July 9, as announced the company president, Tim Mullen, in an interview for the publication Travel Weekly. Read More

President Castro confirms restoration of relations with the US

Army General Raul Castro confirmed today in a letter to US President Barack Obama that he took the decision to restore diplomatic relations with Washington, Cuban television reported. Read More

Obama: full restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba

President Barack Obama, along with Vice President Joe Biden, appeared in the Rose Garden of the White House to announce that an agreement with Havana to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba on July 20 and to open the respective embassies in Washington and Havana has been reached. Read More

Kerry appointed a special envoy for the closure of Guantanamo

John Kerry, Secretary of State, today announced the appointment of the next special envoy of the State Department to close the prison in Guantanamo. Thus, Lee Wolowsky will replace Cliff Sloan, who resigned last December. Read More

Sharks of Cuban waters starring in Discovery Channel broadcast on July 7

The sharks that inhabit the waters of the cays of Jardines de la Reina, in the southeast of the Cuban archipelago, will be the stars of a program to be transmitted by Discovery Channel on July 7th. Read More

Cuba first country to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV

In a ceremony at the headquarters of the Pan American Health Organization in Washington, WHO has delivered the first certification in the world to a nation for having eliminated the mother-to-child transmission of HIV and congenital syphilis. Read More