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Spain wants a "leading role" in EU-Cuba relationship

Jaime García-Legaz, Spanish Secretary of State for Trade, said today that the "special" relationship that Spain has with Cuba will allow "a leading role" in relations between the European Union and the Caribbean country. Read More

American Congress promotes law to communication opportunities in Cuba

The Washington Office on Latin America, WOLA, said that while the Cuban government opened its embassy in the United States, a bill that would create opportunities in Cuba in the areas of Internet and telecommunications was announced in Congress. Read More

John Kerry will open US embassy on August 14 in Havana

The Secretary of State, John Kerry, will arrive in Havana on August 14 to the ceremony of reopening of the US embassy on the island, CNN confirmed today. Read More

US and Cuba embassies renamed their Twitter accounts

As part of the several changes since yesterday, when embassies in Cuba and the United States officially opened, the Twitter accounts of both headquarters have changed names. Read More

Descemer Bueno and Gente de Zona won several Youth Awards 2015

The ceremony of the Youth Awards 2015 held at the BankUnited Center in Miami, opened with the performance of Yotuel and Ricky Martin, with their song "La mordidita", which initiated a night where Cuban music shined in some of the best moments. Read More

Marco Rubio would break relations with Cuba if is elected US President

The Republican candidate Marco Rubio said today he would break relations with Cuba if he gets to be president of the United States, which seems to be a possibility right now. Read More

The Cuban flag already flies in its US embassy

The Cuban flag was raised this Monday in front of its embassy in the United States for the first time in 54 years, during the ceremony to reopen the embassy in Washington. Read More

Spanish actresses Ana Caldas and Hiba Abouk are on vacation in Cuba

Hiba Abouk, known for her starring role Fatima in the Spanish series El Príncipe has chosen the Greater Antilles as a holiday destination and relaxation. Read More