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March 21st

Jorge Drexler will sing in Havana

The Uruguayan singer Jorge Drexler and other artists from Spain, Puerto Rico and Argentina will perform at the IV Meeting of Popular Voices to be held in Havana from September 28 to October 4, organizers reported on Friday. Read More

Cuban Adeyni Hechavarria is valuable for Miami Marlins

The Cuban shortstop Adeiny Hechavarría means a lot to the Miami Marlins "regarding the defense is concerned," said team manager Mike Redmond. Read More

18 people were sentenced for trafficking eggs

This Friday were announced the sentences of 5 to 15 years' imprisonment imposed on 18 officials and workers involved in the diversion to the black market of over eight million eggs. Read More

Cuban artist ask for the release of El Sexto

Artists and activists, including Lia Villares and Gorki Aguila Luis, began on Friday an Internet campaign calling for the "immediate release" of graffiti Danilo Maldonado, El Sexto. Read More

The University of Santiago de Cuba already has broadband internet

The Universidad of Santiago de Cuba increased bandwidth for Internet access and the national network, and thereby strengthening computerization and access to knowledge center, inclusive of three sites of higher education in the province of Santiago de Cuba. Read More

The World Food Program donates millions to Cuba

The World Food Program (WFP) of UN donated to Cuba $ 16.4 million to improve the nutrition of nearly a million people on the island. Read More

March 20th

Gay cruise advertised Cuba as its new destination

Aquafest cruise specialist travel programs for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) announces departure in January 2016 which includes Cuba as a destination, this one is the first of group bound programs for the island dominated by a dictatorial regime. Read More

Cuba is the second tourist destination in the Caribbean

As reported in USA Today Travel Web Experience Caribbean in its annual report Cuba was in 2014, for the second consecutive year, the second favorite Caribbean destination, surpassed only by Dominican Republic. 3. A total of 001,958 tourists arrived on the island in the period from January to December of that year. Read More

March 18th

Rusney Castillo is recovering well from his injury

The Cuban Rusney Castillo is ready to return to the Red Sox lineup. It could be as early as Wednesday. Read More

Excellent performance of Yasmany Tomas

In Scottsdale, Arizona, Cuban Yasmany Tomas was his first start in the outfield in the victory achieved on Monday 6x2 Arizona Diamondbacks over the Chicago White Sox on a training game. Read More