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A new compound to treat malaria is identified

An international team of scientists has identified a new compound to treat malaria and is the first that disables a protein that the parasite needs to survive in the different phases of its "complicated life cycle," according to the journal Science Translational Medicine. Read More

Cuban parliament opens accounts on Facebook and Twitter

Cuba's National Assembly announced that it opened Twitter and Facebook accounts, unusual media in the government of a country where very few of its citizens have access to the Internet. Read More

Raul Castro once again calls on Obama to lift the embargo

Last Wednesday, Raul Castro asked his US counterpart Barack Obama to continue using executive orders to "dismantle" aspects of the economic embargo, the main stumbling block in the "normalization" of relations between the two countries. Read More

Angolan state oil company wants to produce in Cuba for 2017

Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz, vice president of the Council of Ministers of Cuba, said on Wednesday that Sonangol, Angola's state oil company, is interested in producing oil off the coast of the island between 2016 and 2017, if the US lifts restrictions, as reported by the Reuters news agency on Thursday. Read More

Green light in Mariel to five foreign companies and two Cubans

Seven companies have been approved for installation in the port of Mariel and the nearby industrial area, the Associated Press reported on Wednesday. Read More

The image of the day: Farewell to the old Cuba's diplomatic mission plate in Washington

This photo is circulating on Facebook and it records a worker lifting the plate that identified Cuba's diplomatic mission in Washington DC as the Interests Section of the island under the protection of the Swiss Embassy. Read More

Cuba: destination for Automation Alley’s next mission

Automation Alley, US business association of technology for the automotive industry, begin trade mission to Cuba next year with the aim of exploring new business opportunities. Read More

Raul Castro: Pope Francis emanates "worldwide admiration"

Cuban President Raul Castro today highlighted the "global admiration" that Pope Francis emanates by his preaching in favor of "peace and equity, poverty eradication and environmental protection." Read More