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July 29th

"I think President Barack Obama will visit Havana"

A possible visit of US President Barack Obama to Cuba would consolidate his new policy to achieve the normalization of relations with the island and make it irreversible, experts said. Read More

Cuba’s entry to the IMF and World Bank is imminent, says former director of the IMF

The former director of the International Monetary Fund Hector R. Torres published an article on Tuesday in the Point of View section of website that reminds us that a few years ago was unimaginable to Cuba knocking on the doors of the IMF and World Bank. Read More

Pitbull calls to lift the embargo on Cuba

The Cuban-born rapper and businessman Pitbull recently asked the United States to lift the trade embargo on Cuba on his Twitter and Facebook accounts. Read More

Malaysian company plans to market Cuban cancer vaccine

The biotech Malaysian firm Bioven, which conducts clinical trials on third phase of a promising Cuban vaccine against cancer, plans to market in London after a fruitful collaboration with Cuba. Read More

Google Hangouts, an option to communicate from Cuba

Google has long been for many Cubans just a browser and e-mail messaging service under the Gmail name. Read More

An "unusual" house that defies gravity is inaugurated in Cuba

A building, named "unusual house" and built "to defy gravity" was opened to the public today in Las Tunas, in eastern Cuba, in order to astonish visitors with optical illusions and perhaps enter the Guinness records , local media reported. Read More

July 28th

No change in the Naval Base of Guantanamo, despite embassies

The opening of the embassy and the act of raising the Cuban flag in the United States last July 20 did not mark any particular change in the operation of the Guantanamo Naval Base, the oldest US military enclave outside its mainland. Read More

Ralph Gonsalves: Chavez and Fidel gave an example of love to the world with the Misión Milagro

Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and Grenadines, Ralph Gonsalves said on Sunday that socialist leaders Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro gave an example of love and solidarity to the world by combining the capabilities and resources of their countries to create the Misión Milagro (Miracle Mission), social program with which people of America, the Caribbean and even Africa, who live in poverty, receive eye operations. Read More

Obama criticized Republicans for "ridiculous" statements

Americans deserve better, President Barack Obama said on Monday criticizing Republican presidential candidates Mike Huckabee, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz for comments he said "would be ridiculous if were not so sad." Read More

Cuba will launch new soft capsules plant

Cuba will launch in the second half of 2016 a new plant to produce soft capsules, in order to obtain products such as Palmex, an antioxidant with beneficial effects in men with benign prostatic hyperplasia. Read More