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July 14th

American gay choir begins one-week tour in Cuba

The Gay Men's Chorus of Washington began one-week tour in Havana to support the rapprochement between Cuba and the United States started in late 2014. Read More

Spanish hotel chains: countdown to settle in Cuba before the Americans

The tourism industry has been among the most favored and the most opened. Large hotel companies such as Hilton, Marriott, Wyndham, Choicehotels, have asked the Ministry of Tourism of Cuba, permits to establish their resorts. Read More

July 13th

The Communist Party responds to Google on Internet access

The second secretary of the Communist Party, Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, 85, responded to Google's offer to install free WIFI antennas throughout Cuba. Read More

Mexico also plays its part in investments in Cuba

The Cuban Foreign Investment Law, passed last year, considerably boosted the inflow of foreign capital to the island, but business conditions are still very rigid, said Jaime Torres Escuén, president of the Cuba-Mexico Business Committee. Read More

Cuban VP visits Angola

Ricardo Cabrisas, Vice-President of the Cuban Council of Ministers, today will begin a four-day visit to Angola, in order to strength bilateral relations and cooperation. Read More

The taste of the first gold

Paula Pareto burst into the rustic newsroom of the Mississauga Sports Center and the smile never faded from her face, despite falling just few minutes before 48 kilograms final in the Pan American judo. Read More

Pope Francis: in Cuba there was no mediation, but "good will"

Pope Francis said today that in the rapprochement between the US and Cuba was no mediation from the Vatican but was caused by the willingness of both countries. Read More

Senate leader: we will block designation of ambassador to Cuba

The leadership of the US Senate, Republican majority, said on Sunday that Congress will block any possible President Barack Obama's nomination of an ambassador to Cuba. Read More

Cuba will close 24 state companies that have repeated losses since 2012

One hundred twenty-three Cuban state companies ended 2014 with a negative balance in its management and 24 of them will become extinct this year after reporting repeated economic losses since 2012, according to a parliamentary report released today by official media. Read More

Cuba wins first gold at Pan American male judo

Yesterday, Magdiel Estrada gave Cuba its first gold in male judo competitions in the Pan American Games Toronto-2015. Read More