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The Cuban Ministries of Agriculture and Sugar Announced Package of Measures to Restore Agriculture

The Cuban ministries of Agriculture and Sugar announced an 85-measure package on Thursday to boost the recovery of both sectors after the passage of hurricanes Gustav and Ike. Read More

Juvenile Contingents Work in Recovery of Las Tunas, Cuba

In order to not be the last ones in the help to the recovery of Las Tunas, after the passage of the Hurricane Ike, the members of the Young Communist League of Cuba (UJC) organized the Juvenile Contingents 50 Anniversary Victory of the Revolution, for such a purpose. Read More

Dominican Aid Arrives in Santiago de Cuba

A cargo with solidary aid for the people affected by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike arrived at the port of Santiago de Cuba Friday, together with an official delegation sent by Dominican President Leonel Fernandez. Read More

Several international popular artists and the cubans Pablo Milanés in Mega-concert dedicated to Salvador Allende

Several international popular artists will take part next November in Chile in a mega concert in tribute to Salvador Allende, to honour the hundred years of his birth date, confirmed the organisers.<br /> Read More

President Raúl Castro, We Are Going to Recover

President Raúl Castro toured areas that suffered serious damage from hurricanes Gustav and Ike in the province of Pinar del Río and the Isla de la Juventud Read More

The maker of lights, the cuban film maker Humberto Solas, died

I would prefer a thousand times not having to write these lines, I would prefer the news; said in an unusual silence in the editorial office had been a bad joke and not the irreparable truth that still resound in my ears. «Humberto Solás died». Read More

Transportation Being Revitalized on Cuba’ s Island of Youth

Ten Daewoo buses were delivered to the area to revitalize the urban transportation system. These vehicles will be used to transport students in special schools, polytechnic institutes, and secondary and pre-university studies Read More

In Cuba: 16th International Seminar on Assistance to The Elderly

How to live 120 years will be the central point of the working sessions scheduled for Friday at the 16th International Seminar on Assistance to The Elderly that will conclude today in this capital.<br /> Read More

Unveils the monument El olimpo de Los Cinco

The monument El olimpo de Los Cinco, made by the artist José Rodríguez Fuster and placed in the Havana neighbourhood of Jaimanitas, was unveiled as bastion of the Cuban spirituality and in favour of justice. Read More

Trinidad and Tobago Offers to Cuba One Million Dollars for Recovery

In a gesture of solidarity with Cuba after it was struck by two devastating hurricanes, the government of Trinidad and Tobago contributed $1 million to the recovery efforts led in Cuba. Read More