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In Cuba 16th International Seminar on Assistance to The Elderly
Results of a research about exceptional survivals, aging in Latin America and quality of life of the elderly are also included in the agenda for the last day of the important meeting.

Traditionally, old age had been associated with illness and precarious life. However, new and numerous researches carried out in recent years have denied this idea.

A large number of scientists consider that humans will be able to live over 100 years actively, in full command of their mental faculties.

Nowadays, population aging is one of the great challenges that humanity is facing, a phenomenon for which Cuba has been getting ready since several years ago.

Over 260 geriatricians and dozens of nurses, psychologists and social workers have been trained in the country to assist the elderly, said Osvaldo Prieto, the event's organizing committee president.

He highlighted that progress is being made in that sphere, and recalled that so far, more than 1,800,000 Cubans are over 60 years old.

Around 400 experts from several Latin American and European countries have been participating in the forum since September 16, seeking initiatives to improve the elderly's life.


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