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Las Tunas Helps to Protect Largest Hydrographic Basin of Cuba

With the purpose of protecting Cauto River and its affluent ones from the environmental contamination, the province of Las Tunas increases the economic use of solid matters, generated by productive facilities, located in the vicinities of that natural environment, the largest hydrographic basin in Cuba. Read More

Las Tunas Universalizes Agronomy Career

The production of foods in Las Tunas will reinforce its mission with the opening of the Agronomy career in the eight Municipal Subsidiary Universities, starting from next September. Read More

Gustav Leaves No Deaths in Cuba

Even though hurricane Gustav was one of the most devastating to hit Cuba in the last 50 years, it did not cause any deaths due to the exceptional civil defense measures taken.<br /> Read More

Authorities Evaluate Gustav`s Effects on Western Cuba

uban Army General Leopoldo Cintra Frias, Head of the Western Army, is making a tour of the areas affected by Gustav in this western province to evaluate the damages. Read More

Traffic Accidents Decrease in Ciego de Ávila, Cuba

The growing number of accidents that  took place in Ciego de Ávila’s streets and highways during the first semester of the current year, has considerably diminished because of the measures adopted by the authorities during this summer, on which season the students have been on vacation. Read More

Effectiveness of Cuba`s Literacy Program Acknowledged in Ecuador

The effectiveness of the Cuban “Yes I Can” literacy teaching program was acknowledged during the closing of the first stage of the Quality Education Improvement Project, held at Puerto Quito, in the Ecuadorian municipality of Pichincha. Read More

In Camagüey, Cuba Electro pumps production started

Camagüey City, August 30. “Alejandro Arias” Metal Productions Factory, in Camagüey City, started producing horizontal and submergible electro pumps to support urban agriculture and bull breeding. Read More

Cuba Snaps Back after Hurricane

Rapid response and high willingness by the population and authorities characterize Monday recovery brigades after serious damage in the western Cuban region from hurricane Gustav.<br /> Read More

Concert dedicated to Cuban choral music in Argentina

The cycle Lunes de la Voz received last week the Choir from the Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Design from the National University of Cordoba, directed by Gustavo Maldino, with a concert dedicated exclusively to Cuban vocal music. Read More

The Cuban Carpentier in the Kingdom

Without a doubt, Alejo Carpentier is the undisputable main character of the 2008 Saltillo Book Festival, and so that people from Saltillo might get closer to the work and the author who created Magic Realism, the movie cycle Carpentier en el Reino de la Imagen (Carpentier in the Kingdom of Image ) has been prepared. Read More