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EGREM Launched Collection Disc “Arcaño y sus Maravillas”

EGREM record label opened its Dance Groups Collection with emblematic orchestra “Arcaño y sus Maravillas”, one of the most representatives of Cuban and Latin American popular music of all time. Read More

Pope urges U.N. poverty drive despite banking crisis

Pope Benedict on Sunday urged world leaders at this week's U.N. general assembly not to allow the global financial crisis to distract them from efforts to try to wipe out poverty and disease . Read More

Religious organization sends aid to Cuba

According to the source, that group of nuns is preparing other shipments that should arrive in the next few days. Read More

Cuban Art Auction to Contribute to Recovery, actor Jorge Perugorria announced the project

An online art auction will be open by Cuban artists to raise funds for the recovery of cultural centers devastated by hurricane Ike, specially those in eastern Cuba. Read More

La Colmenita: An example of values and rights of childhood

The representative of UNICEF in Cuba, José Ortiz, stated here that the children’s theater Company La Colmenita, Ambassador of Good Will, is a true example of the values and rights of childhood.<br /> Read More

Leonard Weinglass: "The Case of the Cuban Five is Political"

&quot;The legal case of the Cuban Five is now being waged on two different fronts, Washington and Miami,&quot; said U.S. lawyer Leonard Weinglass in Havana, during the presentation of the book Cronology of an Injustice, regarding the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters unjustly held in U.S. prisons for ten years now. Read More

Change for the worse

Men have worked throughout history to change and improve, however, those transformations have caused problems in nature we are now paying for. Read More

Youngsters from over 40 countries studying in university schools in Camagüey province help Cuba recover

Youngsters from over 40 countries studying in university schools in Camaguey province, around 338 miles east of Havana, are taking part in recovery efforts in places of economic, social interest in the area after the passage of Hurricane Ike. Read More