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Unveils the monument El olimpo de Los Cinco
This sculpture is a huge open hand and the Cuban flag; it is a song to bravery and resistance of the five Cuban anti terrorists’ fighters, who are political prisoners in the USA and as a Stop sign to the enemies of the homeland.

Ricardo Alarcón, president of the National assembly of the Popular Power, indicated that when art stands up, when culture performs, the enemy tremble, because nothing expresses with greater vigour the fight of the people than its artists.

Alarcón, who is also a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party thanked the artists and the people of Jaimanitas for this beautiful work in the tenth anniversary of the unjust imprison of Gerardo Hernández, René González, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González and Ramón Labañino.

He urged the human spirituality to rise up, because that is what the barbarians rules of the USA afraid the most.

Maglays Llort, mother of Fernando read a message of her son, in which he repeats his faith in the wide and growing international solidarity movement with their cause and the cause of his partners, as well as the certainty that justice will prevail.

Fuster indicated that this is not a finished work, since it is part of a cultural communitarian Project, which second phase will be a tribute to Jose Marti.

Alarcón also thanked Danny Rivera, Pablo Marcano and the rest of the artist who took part in a concert made recently in New York for the freedom of the Cuban antiterrorists.

It meant that the artists, despite threats and pressures, made a memorable evening of solidarity and love.


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