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In Las Tunas, Cuba: Exhibits Art of Painter Yamila Comas

After the opening of the exhibition Women Inside at the provincial headquarters of the Association of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC), the public of this city can enjoy the plastic art of Yamila Comas.<br /> Read More

Cuba: Lifting the Blockade is the Only Ethical Thing Washington could Do

The Cuban Foreign Affairs Ministry reiterated that the only correct thing to be done by Washington is to lift its fierce economic blockade of Cuba, which causes annual damages much worse than those inflicted by hurricane Gustav. Read More

Start the Mexican Cultural Days in Cuba

Plastic and photography exhibitions, theatre representations and cinema seasons will be held in Cuba from the 1st until the 30th of this month, celebrating the 198 anniversary of the start of the Mexican independence fight. Read More

Cuba: Discipline in Facing Hurricane Ike

Cuban Vice President Esteban Lazo called on state-run institutions and the population to get ready and act with discipline to face what he described as a extremely dangerous Hurricane Ike. Read More

Tracking Ike through Cuba today

Today we will get a 40% coverage of afternoon thunderstorms. High temperatures will be in the lower 90s, but the heat index will be into the lower 100s.<br /> Read More

Ike Hits Northeast Cuba, May Head Toward Gulf Oil Installations

Ike smashed into northeastern Cuba on a course that may take the hurricane through the center of the island and into the Gulf of Mexico, threatening U.S. oil installations hit by Gustav a week ago. Read More

Hurricane Ike weakened to a Category 2 storm after making landfall in northeastern Cuba

Hurricane Ike weakened to a Category 2 storm after making landfall in northeastern Cuba, the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami reported Monday. Read More

Save Lives from Ike, a Priority for Cuba

Cuban authorities are feverishly working on Sunday to preserve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people threatened by powerful Hurricane Ike, which is packing winds of nearly 200 kilometers per hour. Read More

Cuba´s President Raul Castro met with Venezuela Defense Minister

Cuba´s President Raul Castro met with Venezuela Defense Minister Gustavo Reyes Rangel, who is heading a delegation appointed by President Hugo Chavez, Cuban media reported on Sunday. Read More

Cuba hit by Hurricane Ike after midnight

Hurricane Ike has reach the shores of Cuba during the midnight from Sunday to Monday. Authorities in the island report that high winds and heavy rain hit the east of the island, flooding low level areas and causing rivers to burst their banks. Forecasts predicts that Ike will travel across Cuba from east to west and will leave in a point between Matanzas and Havana. Read More