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Juvenile Contingents Work in Recovery of Las Tunas Cuba
The eight municipalities of the territory find their invaluable support in the cleaning of urban horoughfares, the debris, and in the repair of the labor and educational centers.

Every day some 1, 500 leaders and militants augment their efforts in the mobilization that constitutes a substantial contribution of this political organization to the reestablishment of the daily activities in the educational centers and in the production and the services.

Even students from primary schools, children from seven and 12 years old, worked for a week in the cleaning of their teaching centers and the streets.

On the other hand, this weekend youths of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and of the Ministry of Interior will be mobilized toward the production of foods, with special emphasis in the agricultural sector, to help in the high-priority works.

The juvenile contingents, created the one day after the Hurricane Ike, have acquired more organization in their tasks and they have thousands of volunteers willing to work in the neediest places at any moment.


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