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Chavez says met with ‘strong’ Fidel in Cuba

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro is 'strong', Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Tuesday, adding that he had enjoyed a walk and chat about the world financial crisis with the octogenarian revolutionary. Read More

Cuba: A Wide Range of Tourist Options

A wide range of tourist options is a singular element in Cuba's leisure industry, which offers traditional sun and beach programs, as well as nature, culture, history and traditions. Read More

Cuba Parliament President Ricardo Alarcon in Venezuela

Cuban Parliament President, Ricardo Alarcon, has started today a visit to Venezuela in the context of a campaign to free the five Cuban anti-terrorists imprisoned in the United States. Read More

Angolan President Sends Solidarity Message to President Raul Castro

Cuban President Raul Castro received on Sunday a message of solidarity from his Angolan counterpart, Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, on the occasion of the devastation caused recently in the Caribbean nation by hurricanes Gustav and Ike.<br /> Read More

Famous French singer-songwriter Manu Chao Favors Lifting US Blockade

Famous French singer-songwriter Manu Chao and his father, Spanish journalist and writer Ramon Chao, demanded immediate and definitive lifting of US blockade against Cuba. Read More

A group of 47 Cuban Teachers Arrive in Nicaragua

A group of 47 Cuban teachers arrived Wednesday to Nicaragua to help with the country’s literacy campaign. Read More

The cuban diva Omara Portuondo celebrates the 60 years of her artistic career

Omara Portuondo, the diva of the Buena Vista Social Club will celebrate the 60 anniversary of her artistic life with the record Gracias (Thank you) which includes the Uruguayan Jorge Drexler, the Cuban Pablo Milanés and the Brazilian Chico Buarque.<br /> Read More

Cuba Participates in UN Debate on Africa

Cuba demanded at the UN specific aid for the African peoples, such as the condonning of the foreign debt and the fulfilment of the Official Development Assistance (ODA). Read More

Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier`s Works Published in Brazil

One of the greatest novels by Cuban writer Alejo Carpentier, The Lost Steps, was recently released in Brazil by the Martins Publishing House of Sao Paulo under the title Os passos perdidos. Read More

Suriname to Send Relief to Cuba

Suriname said it will send as soon as possible $125,000 worth relief to help Cuba ease the destruction caused by hurricanes Gustav and Ike. Read More