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April 22nd

Cuban President Raul Castro Meets with Vazquez Rana

Cuban President Raul Castro met on Friday with Mario Vazquez Raña, president and general director of the Mexican Editorial Organization. Read More

Cuban band Buena Vista Social Club Tours Europe

Great Britain has been the first leg of a new European Tour begun last week, by the Cuban band Buena Vista Social Club (BVSC), which delighted the European audience a decade ago with traditional Cuban tunes played by musicians that first became stars in the 1950's. Read More

April 21st

Santiago de Cuba Gets Closer to Cuban National Baseball Championship Title

Defending champions Santiago de Cuba took another step on Sunday towards the crown of the 47th Cuban National Baseball Championship with their third consecutive win over host Pinar del Rio at the Capitan San Luis stadium. Read More

Grey's Anatomy beginning this week: Cuba it will exhibit U.S. television series

Cuba will air the award winning U.S. television drama the Sopranos and ongoing series Grey's Anatomy beginning this week, the Communist youth newspaper, Juventud Rebelde, said on Sunday. Read More

Specialized Medical Services for Cuban Elderly People are Part of a Nationwide Strategy of Health

Specialized medical services for Cuban elderly people are part of a nationwide strategy aimed at improving their quality of life. That policy benefits 231 centenarians who live in the eastern province of Santiago de Cuba. Read More

Tourist Bus Line in Varadero, Cuba from the group Transtur S.A.

A Tourist Bus line in Varadero, Cuba's most famous beach resort, will expand its scope after eight Chinese-made Yutong vehicles will join the fleet. Read More

Seychelles islands and Cuba are celebrating this year their first three decades of cooperation

The Seychelles islands and Cuba are celebrating this year their first three decades of cooperation, diplomatic sources told Prensa Latina. Read More

Cuba and Guatemala they strengthen their relationships

Cuba's Deputy Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez highlighted here the good state of relations between Cuba and Guatemala, while regarded future bilateral links as promising. Read More

Low Budget Film Festival Predicts Collapse of Hollywood

"Within 10 years Hollywood will have a commercial failure" said the French -Canadian film critic Herve Fischer during the first theoretical meeting that took place last Wednesday, as part of the activities for 6th edition of the International Film Festival of Gibara. Read More