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Cuba ever growing presence on the World Wide Web (Internet)
Acosta, director of the cultural magazine La Jiribilla, presented a master lecture entitled: "The Emergence and Scope of the Internet as a Means of Communication."

The Cuban journalist stressed that despite Washingtons continued attempts to stop Cuba from getting access to the new technologies, the Caribbean island had already taken concrete steps in that direction.

She explained that in August 1996, the first Internet connection on the island was set up through the International Spring Corp. host and that at that time Cubans didn't have an exact idea of the new technology's tremendous potential. She noted that a few years later, the first digital edition of her magazine La Jiribilla was posted, on May 5th, 2001.

The researcher explained that the information about Cuban culture and the Revolution was -and continues to be- purposely distorted or silenced by the mainstream media.

She noted that between April and June, in the Spanish language alone, the so-called 'free press published 40 works against Cuba that were convincingly argued against, in that same period of time, by 92 texts published by publications like La Jornada, Rebelión and La Jiribilla -68 of them written outside of Cuba.

With the slogan "El espacio del lector" (The Reader's Space), the Buenos Aires book fair was inaugurated last Thursday with the participation of some 1,600 exhibitors.

Cuba is participating for the 25th consecutive year. This time, the islands delegation includes writers Luis Báez, Jorge Fornet and Alberto Guerra.


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