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April 23rd

Opening of the Info 2008 Congress in Havanas Conventions Center.

The meeting takes place along with the International Workshop on Business Intelligence and the Management of Knowledge in Companies, reports Granma newspaper. Read More

Cuban Vice President Esteban Lazo Meets with Former Malaysian Prime Minister

Mahathir, an outstanding political figure of Malaysia, traveled to Cuba to participate in the First International Conference on Security and Defense that began in Havana on Monday under the auspices of the Cuban Center for Studies on Defense Information (CEID) with the presence of experts and academics from 10 countries. Read More

Guamá Dramatic Group of Pinar del Río Cuba turns 40 years old

Nobody doubts that life is a stage where we act and assume a leading role in one way or another, but to give life to fictitious situations and persons is one of the hardest works to perform. Read More

April 22nd

3rd Cuban Traveling Book Fair in the city of Montecristi in the Dominican Republic

The 3rd Cuban Traveling Book Fair begins on Monday in the city of Montecristi in the Dominican Republic and will tour another seven cities in this Caribbean nation before it ends on May 5th. Read More

First International Conference on Security and Defense Opens in Havana

The CEID is a non governmental and non-profit organization founded in September 2001 dedicated to the study and multilateral approach of global problems linked to Cuba's national security. Read More

In Havana, Cuba: Second ELAM-UCI Forum Takes Place

Cuban university students and representatives from some 20 countries discussed solidarity, racism and xenophobia, and Latin American popular movements. The Second University Social Forum, which took place on Saturday in Havana, is a sample of the debates among Latin American youth. Read More

Cuba: Food Price Hike Could Plunge over 10 Million People into Abject Poverty

Poverty levels will increase if no urgent actions are taken to minimize the effect of the food price hike, said Jose Luis Machinea, Executive Secretary of the ECLAC, in recent statements published by the regional organization. Read More

Fidel Castro wrote of the Pope in USA: ''Peace And Prosperity''

Pope Benedict XVI outsmarted Brown, the British Prime Minister, who replaced Blair, whom I met and spoke with for a few minutes during a recess at the WTO Second Conference in Geneva 10 years ago; it was following his speech and I was expressing my disagreement on the matter of an incorrect sentence he used about the social situation of British children. Read More

Argentinean Wins Cuban Musicology Award

The 11th Casa de las Americas Musicology Award was granted last week to Omar Corrado, for his essay Vanguardias al Sur: La música de Juan Carlos Paz, Buenos Aires, 1897-1972 (Avant-gardes to the South: the Music of Juan Carlos Paz, Buenos Aires, 1897-1972). Read More

Alicia Alonso and the Cuban National Ballet company are currently on a Spanish tour

Alicia Alonso became the first important figure of Spanish American culture and performing arts to leave a legacy at the Cervantes Institutes "Caja de las Letras" in Madrid, Spain. Read More