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In Pinar del Río, Cuba: IV Scientific Workshop on Maritime and Naval History Grows
Among the guests that attended the event were César García del Pino, National Prize of History, Milagros Gálvez Aguilera, outstanding historian of Cuban Navy and Rodolfo Ramírez, official of the National Union of Cuban Historians (UNHIC), who noted the significance of the event for the richness of Pinar history concerning these facts and the scientific quality of the new data.

Juan Carlos Rodríguez, Historian of the City, together with some other historians and researchers acknowledged the fishing community for their support and the grass-root and political organizations that allow the celebration of the workshop and the lodging of the delegates as an only family.

This annual encounter gathers historians to tackle maritime and naval issues related to historic events that have taken place in the westernmost part of the Island.


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