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April 19th

World Intellectual Property Expert Praises Work by Cuba

An expert of WIPO (the World Intellectual Property Organization) said that Cuba makes the most out of its internationally-recognized inventions, reported Prensa Latina news agency. Read More

Cuban Troubadour Silvio Rodríguez Considered One of Top Singer/Song-Writers in Ibero-America

Cuban song-writer and singer Silvio Rodríguez is considered one of the best exponents of the 'trova song movement all over Ibero-America. Read More

Universal Aime Cesaire, from Martinique and the Caribbean

Universal Aime Cesaire, from Martinique and the Caribbean, the politician and intellectual that defended black peoples singularity and contribution to regional culture, was honored last Friday by his country and the world. Read More

April 18th

Cuban film that opened the 2nd UNESCO itinerant Caribbean Film Display

A look from the present to the past, against intolerance, in defense of identity and cultural diversity is how director Rigoberto López defines his feature-length Roble de Olor. Read More

The Cuban singer and composer Pablo Milanés to present in Mexico his new album Regalo

The Cuban singer and composer Pablo Milanés presented here his new album Regalo (Gift) with a full concert in the Metropolitan Theater from this city. Read More

The Media Blockade as a Form of Cultural War to Cuba.

Whenever reference is made to a "media blockade", and its systematic aggressive nature, both at the individual and collective level, is not denounced, we run the risk of playing along with an ideological trap that gets us used to the habit of accepting it as a regular guest...after all "the body gets used to everything". Read More

Exhibited in UNO: Cuban movie "El Benny"

The music from the famous Cuban Benny Moré reached here with the exhibition of a movie about his life. This was enjoyed by ambassadors, diplomats and employees from the United Nations Office. Read More

Churches Nominated for Cuban Prizes

Two traditional examples of colonial architecture in the Cuban city of Camagüey have been nominated for highly-coveted Cuban awards. Read More

Dominican Doctors on Fourth 2008 Strike

Dominicans that are not in critical conditions or an emergency situation will have to wait until Friday to be assisted, because doctors are on their fourth strike this year, stopping public hospitals. Read More

DVD Commemorates Cardinal's Cuba Trip

A Salesian community in Cuba presented a DVD commemorating the visit of Benedict XVI's secretary of state. Read More