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19th "Juan David" National Salon on Personal Caricature

From December 5th to March 5th, 2008, the San Antonio de los Baños Museum of Good Humour will be the venue of the 19th "Juan David" Salon of Personal Caricature. Read More

Diego Luna to Havana Film Festival

The talented creator and actor made the announcement in an interview with Mexican television in London, where he is currently participating at the festival of the British capital, with the presentation of his documentary on the life of ex- professional boxer Jorge C. Chávez. Read More

Basque Businessmen Happy with Cuba

Cuban Ambassador to Spain Alberto Velazco, guest of the association, gave a general overview of present day Cuba, emphasizing the economic situation. Read More

Fidel Castro: "A People Under Fire"

Venezuela, whose people are heirs to Bolivar's ideas which transcend his era, is today facing a world tyranny a thousand times more powerful than that of Spain's colonial strength added to that of the recently born United States which, through Monroe, proclaimed their right to the natural wealth of the continent and to the sweat of its people. Read More