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Foreign friends celebrate the ICAPs 47th anniversary
Friends of Cuba that study in the province of Camaguey, and who have come from different countries, celebrated the 47th anniversary of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), founded on December 30th, 1960.

A congratulation message sent by the Peoples Power Provincial Assembly, acknowledging the daily duties of the local delegation of the ICAP in favour of the solidarity among the nations.

During the last year, the ICAP headquarter in Camagüey is one of the branch offices of this non-governmental organization with major results for the active participation of the young foreigners that study in different actions supporting the Cuban Revolution in territory and condemn the injustices against the island.

The ICAP in Camagüey for the upcoming year has among its prospects the opening of a international voluntary work camp, that will welcome brigades in solidarity with Cuba from different nations ready to engage themselves in productive tasks.

The celebration on Friday of the 47 anniversary of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), with the participation of representatives of over thirty countries shows the consolidation of the international solidarity towards Cuba in all the continents.

(Radio Cadena Agramonte).

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