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Cuba Fosters Reading, Thinking and Dialog

«Initiatives to promote books, reading, literature, thinking and dialog will spread throughout the country,» said Ricardo Alarcón, president of the Cuban Parliament. Read More

Leo Brouwer Awarded Pablo Neruda Order

In a ceremony that took place in the La Moneda Palace (seat of government), Chilean President Michelle Bachelet conferred Maestro Brouwer with the highest decoration granted by that South American nation in recognition of artistic and intellectual work. Read More

They dance casino, and they are not Cubans

More than 350 participants, most of them from Europe but also from Latin America and even from Japan, came to the second Encuentro de Bailadores y Academias de Casino y Salsa (Encounter of Casino Dancers and Academies) that took place in Havana. Read More

Las Tunas Welcomes Latin American Cinema Festival

Thirteen films will be projected in several cinemas and schools of Las Tunas, province that welcomes the 29th New Latin American Cinema International Festival that begins in Cuba since this Tuesday. Read More

Armando Hart Calls Upon Scholars to Preserve Historical Memory

President of the José Martí Cultural Society, Dr.Armando Hart, stressed the importance of culture to rescue the human genre's historical memory at a keynote lecture given at the Global Democracy and Development Foundation, in Santo Domingo, in Dominican Republic. Read More

Hugo Chávez Calls to Lift Socialist Ideas in Venezuela

Hugo Chávez Frías, president of Venezuela, called to lift the flag of the socialism in the country, to hoist it to the top when the historical moment arrives. Read More

Varadero Carnivals 2007

After several years recessing, carnival festivities will be arranged in Varadero Beach, the most important Cuban sea resort, by the Ministries of Culture and Tourism of Cuba from coming December 6th, informed Reynaldo Domínguez member of the organizing committee. Read More

LatAm Film Festival Starts

The 29th International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema starts Tuesday at Havana"s Karl Marx Theater with the screening of US film Redacted and a performance by Argentinean musician Fito Paez. Read More

Cuban Education at UNESCO Levels

In the text, presented at the UNESCO headquarter in Paris and simultaneously in New York and New Delhi, Cuba is ranked 23 out of 129 countries, with Norway the most advanced and Chad the most backward nation. Read More

Fidels messages to Chávez

Cuban President Fidel Castro greeted with revolutionary congratulations his Venezuelan peer, Hugo Chávez, for yesterday's speech full of dignity and ethics.But Most Venezuelan States Voted "Yes" Read More