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Santiago Fans Await Baseball Win vs Industriales

The beginning of the tournament returned to fans of this city, second in importance of the country, the passion for the game, Cuba s national sport. Read More

Cuban Armed Forces Turn 51

The arrival of the Granma Yacht on December 2, 1956 to Cuban shores, marked the emergence of an institution that first defeated the Fulgencio Batista dictatorship (1952-1958), and currently guarantees the Island s achievements. Read More

Granted at Camagüey the National Literature Award "Luis Suardíaz"

From the jurys point of view, The essay which has an excellent structure, approach the literary course of Alejo Carpentier, and it introduces a merely studied topic which social and cultural perspectives will contribute with further studies upon this writer work. Read More

National Ballet of Cuba, 60 years later

That is why Alicia and Fernando Alonso, joining their love lives and their artistic preoccupations, decided to face the adversity and go off to the United States to fulfill their training, despite not having any guarantee of doing so. Read More

Another Step Forward in Cuban General Elections

Preps for general elections next 20th January will be taken a step further today, when delegates at Municipal level will nominate candidates for provincial assemblies and deputies to the National Assembly of the People's Power. Read More

More than 250 New Social Works Built in Las Tunas

Las Tunas.- Two hundred and seventy-six new social works, that benefit to the population of the Cuban eastern province of Las Tunas, were built this year, as part of the strengthening of a program of social development that the revolutionary government supports, with some eight million Cuban convertible pesos. Read More

Spanish exhibition in Russia claim Cuban correspondents

During the exhibition of the 16 panels, in which there are original newspapers with reports delivered by world famous personalities, such as Ernest Hemingway, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Jay Allen e Ilya Ehremburg, Guerra offered exclusive statement to Prensa Latina. Read More

Operas Prima at the Cinema Festival

Year after year, movie lovers follow the mark of the feature films in every edition of the Festival of the New Latin American Cinema, but this December 2007, I have to send an SOS: do not miss an Opera Prima. Read More

La Colmenita is presenting in zones affected by the rains

The Children Theatre group La Colmenita is developing an intense program of presentations in the eastern of Cuba, especially in zones seriously affected by the recent rains. Read More

Fidel Castro nominated as a Cuban Parliament candidate

The chief of the Cuban Revolution resulted nominated by Municipal Assembly of Santiago de Cuba, some 870 kilometers from Havana, which approved his candidacy unanimously and by showing their hands. The voting ended with the cry Long Live Fidel! Read More