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The famous director Humberto Solás will start in the year 2008 the shooting of the movie Guanajay, which completes the trilogy together with the already seen Miel para Oshún (Honey for Oshún) (2001) and Barrio Cuba (Neighborhood Cuba) (2005). This news does not surprise, but it satisfies the lovers of national cinema.

With an amazing reference list which from the tape Lucía, has gone all over the world and is inscribed as one of the best of the history of Cuban cinematography, Solás will have for this new piece the financial support of the Instituto cubano del arte e industria cinematográficos (Cuban Institute for the Arts and Cinematographic Industry) (ICAIC in Spanish) and the Ministry for Culture.

Miel para Oshún as well as Barrio Cuba have received prizes in international festivals, and their maker, a National Movie Award, is one of the promoters of low costs productions, called poor cinema too.

The note, made public by the Information Center from the ICAIC points out that the script belongs to Carlos Lechuga, and as an advance, it tells us that it narrates a typical Havana story whose characters live in our times.

This movie will begin its shooting during the second semester of the year 2008, points out the already mentioned press note, which completes the plentiful information given during the days of the recently concluded XXIX Festival of the new cinema, in which it was made public that the ICAIC expects to finish or start in the year 2008 the production of no less than 20 full-length feature films.

Thematic and stylistic diversity reveal the projects announced that will confront experienced and new directors. This news is very pleasing at the end of the year 2007 after good results and going towards next year with high perspectives that will allow us to talk about a gradual recovery of the movie industry in Cuba.
The Information Center from the ICAIC points out that to these realities, people will have to add the results in the production of animated movies, the introduction of new technologies, the reconstruction of cinema and video rooms and the acceleration of the program of conservation and restoration of the movie heritage.


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