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Cuba Ends Houses Donated by Venezuela

Cuba concluded the construction of 100 houses donated by Venezuela in a community near the Cienfuegos refinery, which will be shortly reopened as a bi-national joint company Read More

Silvio Rodríguez sings to the penal population of Santiago de Cuba

The famous singer songwriter Silvio Rodríguez offered last 15th of January a special concert at the prison of Boniato, about 10 kilometers to the north of the center of the city. Read More

Pinar celebrates 85 anniversary of the FEU

December 19- a replica of La Demajagua Bell tours two historic places in the province: Mangos de Roque, in Mantua municipality, and Hermanos Saízs Museum House, in San Juan y Martínez municipality. Read More

Iran Praises Cuban NAM Presidency

Ahmad Sobhani, general director of America at the Iranian Foreign Affairs Ministry, praised Monday Cuba's performance as a president of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and extolled the island's prestige worldwide. Read More

Telesur awards Estela Bravo at Havana Festival

The famous US film maker Estela Bravo deserved in Havana the award to Best Documentary from the South for her recent work ¿Quién soy yo? (Who am I?) that tells the story of the identity rescue of disappeared children in Argentina. Read More

In Cuba 52,000 homes will be completed this year

Around 180,000 repairs and renovations will have been carried out, although that is still insufficient for the critical situation that exists in the country Read More

Carlos Lage tours damaged areas to check on recovery work

During his tour Lage talked with members of the engineering brigades from the Central and Eastern Armies of the Revolutionary Armed Forces who are undertaking the repair work Read More

Nancy Morejón, among many other personalities, joins the Buenos Aires call

The Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez took part in Buenos Aires together with artists, intellectuals and social and political leaders at the Encuentro de la cultura por la integración de los pueblos de nuestra América Read More

Cuban VP Unveils Monument in Ethiopia

Cuban Vice President Esteban Lazo and President of the Ethiopian Parliament Tesome Toga Read More

Critics Liven Up Concept of Latin American New Film

As part of the 29th Latin American Film Festival, a series of seminars were held that served to ratify the cultural diversity and creativity of the region. Read More