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Cuba Takes on Drugs, Corruption

Attorney General Juan Escalona and the Supreme Court Chief Justice Ruben Remigio Ferro gave reports of the legal actions in this regard to the National Assembly's Constitutional and Judicial Affairs Committee. Read More

Cuba Produces Equivalent to Four Million Tons of Oil in 2007

In 2007, he added, new seismic studies were conducted and 32 new wells were drilled, which was facilitated by the purchase of 10 drilling machines. Read More

Santiago de Cuba will say good bye to 2007 in a very animated way

Santiago de Cuba will say good bye to 2007 in a very animated way, since its parks, squares and towns are promising a varied cultural for the enjoyment of the people offer in the year end. Read More

Cuban Agriculture Getting a Second Wind

Every Cuban household debates ways to revamp the weakened agricultural system. Most of the formulas propose to assign resources to landowners, give land to those who want to work it and deserve to have it, or to solve management problems. Read More

Applauded the cultural and educational work of Cuba

As a recognition to the educational and cultural work of Cuba classified Francoise Pinzon Gil, director of the UNESCO Program of Education for Risk Children. Read More

Delivered 2007 UNEAC literature awards

In the delivery ceremony of the 42 edition, the Cuban poet and founder of the Award, César López, said that the important awards take into account a varied number of criteria, the union of culture and progress of our America. Read More

Parliament of Cuba Analyzes Econonic Issues

Important issues of the economic and social life of the nation will be analyzed since Wednesday in the permanent working commissions of the National Assembly of the People's Power (Cuban Parliament). Read More

Cuban Writers Receive Alejo Carpentier Award

Three famous Cuban writers won the Alejo Carpentier prizes in narrative, one of the most outstanding literary rewards in the country for the contribution to the creation process. Read More

Provincial Hall of Art Instructors

On December 27th will be opened another edition of the Provincial Hall of Art Instructors at the Eduardo Abela Provincial Gallery of the San Antonio de los Baños municipality. Read More

Inhabitants of Las Tunas Benefit with Direct Sale of Milk

More than 23, 000 children, old men, sick persons and pregnant women from this eastern province of Las Tunas, benefit with the program of direct sale of milk by the near producers. Read More