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Communitarian Cuba-Canada cultural exchange to finish up
Canadian people, friends of Cuba, most of them young, finished a tour that lasted several days around historical sites from this city as well as the emblematic Sierra Maestra, in the eastern province of Granma.

Called by the Solidarity Committee of the city of Trois Rivieres, in the province of Quebec, they made the fourth communitarian cultural exchange of that institution with the traveling project Guerrilla de Teatreros (Guerilla of Theatre people), which since 1992 performs systematically on those hills.

Pierre Lavergne, President of the Committee, told AIN that the tour allowed him to hold conversations with many Cuban peasants, to appreciate their high quality of life and to learn the work of the Revolution on the mountains.

He highlighted the dialogue with the Quinteto Rebelde (Rebel Quintet), a peasant music group who in 1958 formed part of the guerilla troop lead by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro in the Sierra Maestra.

The visitors lived through a magical moment when they listened to stories from that group, which was created to inspire the revolutionary fighters and for the programs of the Radio Rebelde broadcasting station.

He qualified as especially interesting to know how, in the middle of the fights between guerilla people and the army from the tyranny of Fulgencio Batista (1952-1958), the Quinteto interpreted son and songs against the enemy, and they would spread them through loudspeakers in order to demoralize their rivals.

Visitors and hosts inaugurated last night, in Bayamo, the Inopia exhibition, from the young plastic art creator Reynier Acosta, and they watch a clown show under the same name premiered by the Guerrilla de Teatreros.

The exchange, which started last December 8th, included shows, gatherings on myths and legends, dance and theatre workshops, samples of typical Cuban food and a traditional party called a guateque campesino, all of that in the municipality of Bartolomé Masó in the Sierra Maestra.


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