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Oxygen gasifier unit opened in Holguin

At a total cost of 110,000 pesos -of which 65,000 is in freely convertible currency- the Turkish gasification unit serves to substitute the shipment of 85 cylinders daily from the industrial gas company of Holguin which supplies the hospital. Read More

High rank cuban communist evaluate damages by rains in Las Tunas

Among the most significant affectations stand out the loss of seeds and agricultural products, the floods in the sugar cane fields and of several cultivations, as well as the damage to some one thousand housings, figure that can increase, since several communities are still isolated by land. Read More

Homage paid to a ballet jewel , Josefina Méndez

Prima ballerina of the Cuban National Ballet for almost 35 years, Josefina Méndez died on January 26, 2006, holds the 2003 National Dance Award and left an invaluable legacy to the company and the whole world. Read More

Cuba's hurricane contingency system proved to be particularly effective

The people living in low areas subjected to possible floods, lanslides and collapses were evacuated in the coastal municipality, some 75 kilometres north Camaguey. Read More

Folkloric Ballet of Camagüey again at home

In the tour, some members of this company performed in various cities of Spain and received a trophy for their outstanding participation in the Fourth Meeting of Carnivals of the World. Read More

Cuban coaches, aid please Panama

The results of Cuban coaches in Panama show quality in their work and for that reason several disciplines will increase. Read More

US Blockade violates the cuban people's right to food

The US coercive measure forces Cuba to develop-unlike any other nation-- under very difficult conditions in order to reaffirm its independence and sovereignty and protect its people. Read More

Non Aligned Movement Forum defends south-south links

During the opening of the meeting, attended by around 300 businesspeople from 42 nations, Cuban Chamber of Commerce President Raul Becerra said NOAL has gained importance as a factor for defending the poor. Read More

Cuba defeated by U.S. in volleyball World Cup

The Americans, who lost to Cuba in the continental championship final in September, got their revenge on the three-time Olympic gold medallists with a 20-25, 25-21, 25-18, 20-25, 15-11 win in Hamamatsu, central Japan. Read More

Cuba develops strategy to fight destructive Citrus Virus

The internationally-recognized research was carried out by a multidisciplinary team headed by Drs.Lochy Batista Le Riverend, and Karelia Velasquez, with the Tropical Fruit Growing Research Institute, in collaboration with Francisco F. Laranjeira, with Brazil's Agricultural and Livestock Research Enterprise. Read More