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Turquino Plan. An unprecedented projetct

Pinar del Rio has achieved some advances, for instance the infant mortality rate is now of one percent; children have free education since elementary school to university. Not everything is perfect; there is some dissatisfaction with transportation and housing repairs, as well as gastronomic and commercial offers. Read More

Cuba's National Ballet, indispensable example for universal arts

In the context of celebrations for the 60th Anniversary of the Cuban ballet company, Abel Prieto extended his congratulations to Alicia Alonso and the founding members of the company which, he said, "has left its ever-lasting imprint on Cuban, Latin American and international culture." Read More

HIV/AIDS is more than figures

Up to that date last year, the HIV-positives were 25, but the thing is not to compare figures and realize the virus is increasing, it is about to understand that behind those numbers there are human beings whose lives are marked and many others may be taking the risk of being infected or they have the virus already and have not taken a test yet. Read More

White pelican takes shelter in Pinar del Rio

Between March and October, these big birds find nutrition sources in rice fields, water reservoirs and forest areas of the shores. Read More

600 kg of artistic vitality in Cuba offers Danza Voluminosa

Ana Julia moves across the stage almost in a trance. She jumps, folds, turns to the music to end in perfect splits. Read More

4th international meeting on society and corruption challenges to be held next week in Havana

Lawyers, judges, prosecutors, attorneys, legal consultants, comptrollers, auditors, customs officers, economists, sociologists and social workers are expected to attend the gathering at the Havana Convention Center Read More

Minister for Sports of Saint Lucia is visiting Cuba

The minister came to review the situation of the relations with the National Institute of Sports INDER and to establish some agreements to resume the consultancy of Cuban trainers. Read More

South-South Cooperation, a need to even up the world

20 per cent of the total population of developed countries uses 74 per cent of all existing telephone lines. Meanwhile, a large number of third world people are unaware of the existence of INTERNET and only 40 per cent living in underdeveloped nations have a TV service. Read More

Rainfall record set in Eastern Cuba

National Water Resources Institute's estimates show that last month of October's rainfall exceeded the annual average by 314 percent. Read More

Cuba working on an AIDS vaccine

This therapeutic vaccine would improve treatment of AIDS patients whether used alone or in combination with retroviral drugs, most of which are produced in Cuba Read More