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President of New York Casa de Las Americas Passed away

Luis Miranda, long-time president of the New York-based Casa de Las Americas and a renowned fighter in defense of the Cuban Revolution died in that US city this week. Read More

Cuba Reduces Deaths Caused by Workplace Accidents

A National Conference on Workplace Safety and Health is being held in Cuba organized by the union movement and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MTSS). From the beginning of 2007 to the end of September 2007, 62 people have died in Cuba in workplace accidents "10 less than last year for the same time period. However, the number of injured workers increased. Read More

Cuba Vice President Stresses Lower Energy Consumption

He checked the state of works at the oil refinery Camilo Cienfuegos, investment by a Cuba-Venezuela joint venture which will begin processing 65 thousand barrels per day in the first stage by the end of next December. Read More

Chan Chan Authors Birth Anniversary Celebrated in Cuba

The Compay Segundo band gave a concert last Thursday in this province in honor of the founder of the group Francisco Repilado, one of the most outstanding representatives of Cuban traditional music. Compay Segundos broad discography includes Buena Vista Social Club Anthology (1997), Lo Mejor de la Vida, 1999, Yo Soy del Norte, Anthology (2001) y Las Flores de la Vida, (2002). Read More

New Latin American Cinema Festival Coming Soon in Havana

Some five hundred films in various formats will be exhibited at the 29th New Latin American Cinema Festival to be held in this capital from December 4 to 14. Twenty-three Havana movie theaters and video clubs will participate in the Festival and showings in the other 13 provinces and the Isla de la Juventud, will make it a national event. Read More

USA wins gold medal at the Baseball World Cup

The U.S. took command of the game in the second inning when Jason Jaramillo singled in a run, and Cuban starter Yadel Carrillo walked in two successive batters with the bases loaded to stretch the American lead to 3-0. Read More