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Cuba to Host International Symposium on Masonry

The First International Symposium on Latin American and Caribbean Masonry will take place in Havana from December 5-8. Read More

Cuba Interested in Mutually Respectful Relations with European Union

Cuba would like to develop relations with the European Union (EU) based on mutual respect and non interference, said Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Eumelio Caballero during the opening session of the 14th International Conference on European Studies that began Tuesday in Havana. Read More

Baramidze this Wednesday with the white pieces

It had to be so, according to the position of both in the world rankings, where the Cuban is in 30th place and the European isnt in the first hundred. Thats why Leinier came out aggressive from the beginning and in 29 moves destroyed the Sicilian defense employed by his opponent. Read More

X Symposium of Literary Translation

The conferences and presentations were about different topics, such as the translators of theatre plays, the building of a poetic world through translation, the dilemma of getting the reader closer to the text of other way around and about "Misterio: (Mystery), the first novel translated by Jose Mart. Read More

Cuban artists request a bigger protection of the historic memory

The need of a bigger attention and preservation of the historic memory of Cuba in the audiovisual media was one of the most repeated criteria by cinema, radio and TV creators. Read More

Cuban Cultural Personalities at the La Guantanamera

The assistant will take part in a symposium of the patrimony of the Caribbean peoples, a party of scenic arts, as well as other theoretical and exchange spaces, where there will be conferences and presentations about the cultural work in the eastern Cuban province. Read More

Unions for LatAm Energy Sovereignty

The forum also called the First Caribbean Energy Meeting and the First World Energy Workers Meeting, to be run in Caracas next year. Read More

Twice Cuban Stamp Champ at 16

With his pre-philately Cuban collection that studies mail in this nation through its postal marks before the appearance of the first stamp in 1840, Adrian obtained important prizes in 2006 in international events where the country participated with its young stamp collectors. Read More

Cuban Diplomat Burial Today

Guerra Menchero died in this capital Tuesday, and at the moment of his death, he was an advisor of the Foreign Affair Minister, the daily states. Read More

Cuban Experts Debate Scorpion Venom Use

Cuba is going forward in the use of scorpion venom and the experience obtained until now is being presented Wednesday in a national course on breeding, handling and use of scorpions. Read More