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 Non Aligned Movement Forum defends south-south links

Participants in the Second Non-Aligned Movement Business Forum championed on Friday in this capital the boost of South-South relations, to defend its interests from the appetite of large power centers.

During the opening of the meeting, attended by around 300 businesspeople from 42 nations, Cuban Chamber of Commerce President Raul Becerra said NOAL has gained importance as a factor for defending the poor.

We are sending our message to the world, saying unity and South-South cooperation are a palpable reality, said Becerra after offering help by the Island in teaching basic literacy, medical collaboration, and professional training.

We hope to extend trade, investments, and cooperation among our peoples, said the official in Havana"s Convention Center, before Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque.

Cuban Foreign Trade Minister Raul de La Nuez lauched a harsh attack against the United States, and made them responsible for market imbalance, depreciation of the US dollar, and insecurity for human life.

According to the program, the attendees to the forum will session in three panels, which will deal with South-South cooperation in science, energy, medical-pharmaceutical industry, health, and education.

The second panel will deal with cooperation and economic integration, regional experiences and the business sector" role, and the third panel will tackle international trade and formulae and possibilities of extending the exchange.

Bilateral business rounds have been scheduled for Saturday, among businesspeople from Iran, Venezuela, Belarus, Bolivia, Panama, Mexico, Vietnam, South Africa, Haiti, Serbia, Mozambique, Argentina, and Syria.


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