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Undefeated Cuba Plays Holland at Baseball World Cup

The Cubans are undefeated in Group B with a 6-0 record in first round play while the Netherlands is 4-2 and tied for third place. Read More

Coffee Harvest Continues in Rain Soaked Eastern Cuba

Residents of the surrounding communities are taking time off from their usual activities to pick beans before they fall and help bring in the harvest. Read More

ALBA Members Outline Joint Venture to Boost Communication Services

Scheduled for January 2008, the project called "Grannacion" is aimed at boosting the telecommunications and information technologies in Latin America by providing safe and stable access. Read More

A Book by Fina García Marruz at the Cuban Day in Book Fair in Chile

A panel on the work of the distinguished writer, headed by Iroel Sánchez, president of the Cuban Book Institute, was the start of the promotion of the title. Read More

Gutiérrez Alea beyond the cinema, a cuban showcase

Under the title, "Titón, más allá del cine" ("Titón, far beyond the cinema"), the exhibition will collect photos, personal objects, a part of his dressing and properties used in his most important movies, the posters of all his movies and the awards he received during his career, among other pieces. Read More

Ibero-American Summit Condemns US Blockade against Cuba and Demands Due Process for Terrorist Luis Posada Carriles

The participating Ibero-American leaders subscribed 10 special communiques, demonstrating their common position regarding several issues, among them terrorism and the US blockade against Cuba. Read More

Message from Fidel Castro to Peoples Friendship Summit

"Fidel pays tribute to those heroic internationalist fighters and to all Chilean combatants who died fighting the tyranny," said Chavez during the meeting that ran parallel to the 17th Ibero-Latin American Summit of Heads of State and Government, which wound up over the weekend in Santiago de Chile. Read More

Daniel Mitterrand Arrives Cuba

During her stay in Cuba, in order to participate in the 15th Solidarity Encounter of City Halls with Havana, Mitterrand will meet with local Cuban officials and will tour places of economic, social and cultural interest. Read More