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Cuba Ends Volleyball World Cup with Win over Serbia

The three teams that earned Beijing Olympics tickets were Italy, the US and Brazil. Cuba will have another chance later in an American continental tournament. Read More

Cuba Reaches Baseball World Cup Semifinals

Cuba plays Japan "which shutout Australia 3-0 in its quarterfinals match" on Saturday evening Taipei time (5 a.m. in Cuba). Although no decision has been officially announced, the talk outside the dugout is that young southpaw sensation Aroldis Chapman will get the nod for Cuba. Read More

Cuban Doctors Help Flood Victims in Mexico

The physicians arrived in Tabasco with authorization from the Mexican government and brought two tons of medicines with them. Read More

Vienna Art Orchestra to Play in Havana

It will be a unique opportunity to appreciate the art of one of the most prestigious Austrian jazz ensembles. Directed by Mathias Ruegg, the orchestra has preserved and developed some of the best of the African-American musical tradition over the last three decades. Read More

Nicaraguan's Learning How to Read and Write with Cuban Method "Yes I Can"

The campaign called from "Marti to Fidel" has been extended to the indigenous community in the Caribbean coasts that are learning how to read and write in their own languages as well as physically challenged people and prisoners. Read More