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Massive evacuation in eastern Cuba due to severe flooding

The evacuation, the largest ever in the region, included moving people from 50 neighborhoods, some currently found under water and others in danger of flooding. A total of 24,000 people were protected including those evacuated during the past weekend due to Tropical Storm Noel. Read More

Cuba signs a contract with Canada to buy wheat

The previous year, Canada shipped 177,000 tonnes of wheat to Cuba -- its biggest exports to the country in the previous decade. The 10-year average is 77,500 tonnes. Read More

Cuba begin with Baseball World Cup wins

Cuba, who have won 25 World Cup titles, are regarded as favourites, but face a challenge from the US team comprising Major League and Minor League players. Read More

Panama Vice President opens Cuban Trade Fair

Lewis cut the ribbon with Cuban Vice President and Secretary of the Ministers Council Executive Committee Carlos Lage. Read More

Cuba is good market for american products, says US entrepreneur

De la Fuente explained that her enterprise has brought to Cuba wheat and soy beans from New Orleans and Texas under a license issued by the US Treasury Read More

International Storyteller's Conference hosted by Venezuela

Marylin Bobes told this agency that she will be reading abstracts from her most recent novel, which is not finished yet, and from her latest release as well. This will be a good opportunity to exchange with the audience, said the writer, who has been awarded twice with the Casa de Las Americas prize in short story and novel categories. Read More

Cuban writers and artists: the coming Congress

Today, right before the start of the VII Congress, expected to take place during the first four months of 2008, the UNEAC may state with no sense of triumphalism that thanks to the work of writers, artists and promoters and the political will of the country, the cultural network of the nation has been restored. But as President Fidel Castro himself expressed, the humanist values of the Revolution are long from being irreversible. Read More

Cuban graphic community achieved new spaces

This is the second time in its existence that ICOGRADA, (Iinternational Organization of Associations of Graphic Designers), decided to summon its congress in Latin America. Read More

Russia fascinated by Compay Segundo in his centennial

Just a few days before his centennial (November 18th) and a little more than four of his death, evoking the artist in first person and analyzing his recordings fascinated the inhabitants of one of the few countries he could not visit. Read More

Cuba and South Africa will hold Joint Commission Meeting

The 5th session of the joint bilateral commission will serve to review and assess Cuba's assistance to South Africa in addressing its skilled worker shortages and human resource challenges Read More