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Cuba dedicates Week of Italian Culture to Garibaldi

The event, which will run until December 1st, will commemorate the bicentenary of Garibaldi, also known as the 'Hero of Two Worlds', who fought for the freedom of Italy and the Americas, said Havana Historian Eusebio Leal during a press conference. Read More

In Cuba: List of proposed candidates ready

All of the commissions "national, 14 provincial and 169 municipal" have worked vigorously in selecting the pre-candidates based on a large initial pool of more than 55,000 citizens, she explained Read More

MONCADA 2007 Military Exercise Successful

The success of the territorial device against several attempts of invasion was praised by the President of the Provincial Defense Council of Havana Ivan Ordaz, at the end of the military exercise Moncada 2007. Read More

Canary Isle President Tightens Cuban Ties

In statements to press, President Rivero pointed out that the Canary Islands has never interrupted its relations with Cuba, and there are more than 100 cooperation projects fostered by the Canary Islands with Cuba, and 11 in development. Read More

The production of industry of materials grows in Camagüey

The production of industry of building materials in Camagüey grew in a sixty percent during the last five years, as part of the recovery program of its capacity. Read More

Cuban Musicians Silvio Rodriguez and Leo Brouwer in Chile

This is Silvio Rodriguez's second trip to Chile so far this year. On the first occasion he met with President Bachelet and gave concerts for his Chilean fans. The renowned singer-songwriter has confirmed attendance to the concert by his former maestro Leo Brower on December 4. Read More

Alma Mater Magazine Turns 85

Today the Abril Editorial House, with a circulation of 10,000 copies, publishes the magazine. It is addressed mainly to collage students and is also available on the Internet in . Read More

Fishermen to Catch More Lobsters in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Fishers from Casilda, a sea-side community in the southern municipality of Trinidad, in central Cuba, continue to explore the litoral waters looking for lobsters in order to complete the 26 tons left to accomplish the present-year-290-ton plan. Read More

Putting Social Doctrine in the Limelight. Justice and Peace Council Consider Key Task

Among the many places in which the compendium was presented, Monsignor Crepaldi emphasized Russia and Cuba. For Monsignor Crepaldi, the compendium "can do much good because it helps to clarify, helps one understand and dialogue in search of the truth." Read More

Brian de Palmas Anti-Militaristic Film in Havana

The laureate filmmaker of "Los intocables", "Carlitos Way" and "Vestida para matar", among other celebrated films, asserted in London recently that with his new production "hes said what media does not do: to tell the truth". Read More