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PM Records Studio has just produced "Regalo" (Gift), the latest discographic work from Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanés.

With lyrics and music by Milanés himself, founder of the New Trova Movement (MNT) in Cuba, the CD includes titles "Diario", "Regalo", "Dos preguntas", "El largo camino de Santiago", "Bayamo", "Paloma", "Matinal", "La libertad", "Soñando" and "Suicidio".

Born in Bayamo, in the eastern Granma province, Pablo along with Silvio Rodríguez and late Noel Nicola, is one of the three mainstays of the New Trova Movement, known as the New Cuban Trova today.

With his personal hallmark, Pablo, who also made up the ICAIC Sound Experimentation Group, conquered the great public on and off the Island, and among his most outstanding works are "Pobre del cantor", "Los años mozos" and "La vida no vale nada".

Such pieces as "Yolanda", "Llegaste a mi cuerpo abierto", Amor", "Yo vi la sangre de un niño brotar", "Yo pisaré las calles nuevamente" and "Vuelve a sacudirse el continente" also stand out in his long streak as an indispensable composer and singer.

Elements from traditional Cuban music and especially from traditional son and trova distinguish the work by the author of "Si el poeta eres tú" and "Los caminos".

Source: By Idania Rodriguez, CubaSi

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