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Fidel Castro sent clear message to George Bush
Cuban President Fidel Castro cast his vote in the Municipal Elections on Sunday and issued a public declaration bearing a clear message to US President George W. Bush.

Fidel Castro's declaration was read on Cuban TV by Migdalia García, president of the local electoral commission at a voting station in the Havana municipality of Plaza de la Revolucion, after the Cuban President cast his vote Sunday afternoon through a member of the local commission.


In his message Fidel addressed the latest news about the announcement by a White House spokesperson that US President George W. Bush would soon present new initiatives for the so-called "transition period in Cuba".


Fidel recalled statements by Cuban Parliament President Ricardo Alarcon that after the so-called US-promoted transition of Cuba takes place; the US-based Cuban-American mafia would set up its firing squads against all militants of the Cuban Communist Party, the Communist youth as well as the leaders of grassroots organizations.


"Mr. Bush, your genocidal blockade, your support of terrorism, your murderous Cuban Adjustment Act, your policy of dry feet-wet feet, your protection of major terrorists of this hemisphere, your unjust punishment of five Cuban heroes, who denounced the dangers to which US citizens and other nationals would be submitted to, must cease!. Sovereignty is not negotiable!" said Fidel Castro in his public declaration.


The Cuban Revolution leader also demanded the end of the shameful torture perpetrated in the occupied Cuban territory of Guantanamo and he said that Cubans were never intimidated by the US threats of launching preventive and surprise attacks on the 60 or more "dark corners" of the world. He said the results of that threat can be observed in only one country, which is Iraq.


"Do not attack others, do not threaten humankind with a nuclear war; the nations will defend themselves and all will burn at that stake," said Fidel Castro in his declaration.


Source: CubaNow

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