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Domestic pigeons: alternative communication means in cuban elections

Over 150 domestic pigeons played an important role in Sundays municipal election in eastern Las Tunas province as they are being used a communication means. The pigeons carry electoral reports from voting stations in remote rural areas, in Las Tunas province, to district electoral commissions.

They are attached the reports and then released back to their pigeon holes, where their owners pick the messages from their leg rings and take them to the commissions.

But not only domestic pigeons are being used as an alternative communications means in the eastern province to guarantee the flow of electoral information.

More than 470 cyclists and 146 horse riders are also guaranteeing communications. Although the major communications means is the telephone, in some remote areas they are using radio transmitters to contribute to an appropriate flow of information, said engineer Julio Pla, member of the Provincial Electoral Commission in Las Tunas.

Some 1,773 voting stations opened in the eastern province early on Sunday, where over 386,000 voters will elect their representatives at the Peoples Power municipal assemblies (municipal governments).


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