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Diplomatic corps corroborates transparency of Cuban Elections

During a visit to a local voting station in the Havana municipality of Centro Habana, Ethiopian ambassador to Havana Berhanu Dibaba described the vote as transparent and organized, with strict control of procedures, in an election where Cuban citizens vote for their representatives democratically, not like it usually happens in other countries.

Diplomats from several Asian, African and European countries were briefed about the stages of the municipal electoral process, from the nomination of candidates at neighbourhood meetings, up to the vote taking place this Sunday.

Jamaicas ambassador to Havana Elinor Sherlock praised the Cuban Foreign Ministrys initiative to explain details on the electoral process, which she described as deeply democratic because "it is the people that nominate instead of political parties."

The diplomats shared views with the members of the local electoral commission and with the school children who custody the ballot boxes; they checked the voting booths where they confirmed the secret character of the vote and they also learned that the delegates to be elected will not receive any salary or benefits for they work.


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