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Holguin Lab increases Trofin Vital production
The Immunology and Bio-preparations Medical Center in the Cuban province of Holguin, has increased the elaboration of Trofin Vital during the first semester of the current year, with priority for the Mother and Child care program, mainly in the provinces of Holguin and Santiago de Cuba.

The National Immunology and Bio-preparations Center has guaranteed the delivery of raw materials to medical laboratories to Holguin which has contributed to increase the development of that nutritional and dietary supplement to 34,000 bottles in the current year.

Dr. Rolando Sanchez Artiga, stated that this medical preparation is intended to supply the entire eastern region in the coming year 2008, producing 80,000 bottles each of 235 ml. Along with this a partial remodelling of the center, where it will be installing a new bioreactor, to increase the Trofin Vital production.

This medical center will supply raw materials like blood, as an additive to microbiology laboratories in the provinces of Holguin and Las Tunas, besides obtaining serum from alternative sources as a medical complement for the use on the National Renal Transplant Program.

Trofin Vital, with a high iron content in a medium consisting of honey, protein and amino acids-of high biological value- has rapid and prolonged effects, especially on patients who suffer from anaemia, including those who can take therapeutic oral iron salts. In addition, they can be supplied to children, senior citizens, pregnant women, cancer patients, and people with severe burns or even athletes.

Source: By Lourdes Rodriguez Pichs,

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