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 Cuba to screen anti-terrorist film

The film "When The Truth Awakes," about the attacks organized by terrorist Luis Posada Carriles on Cuban tourist places in 1997, will be presented in Havana on November 1.

Directed by Italian Angelo Rizzo, the film is based on events in the Island from April 12 to September 4, one of which caused the death of young Italian tourist Fabio di Celmo.

According to Rizzo, the storyline uncovers the relations between the anti-Cuban terrorist organizations in Miami and the US government.

In a news conference at Havana's Cinema Institute Cultural Center, the director explained that the film was well received by his country's audience and caused a strong impact in government circles.

Presented at the recent Berlin Festival, part of the film cast is composed of Cuban actors and actresses, such as Enrique Molina, Veronica Lynn, Patricio Wood and the late Enrique Almirante.

Source: CubaSi

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