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Sugarcane harvest starts in January

In accordance with the workforce strategy, it is estimated that 37 brigades with 1 707 macheteros will be at the sugarcane fields in the beginnings of January to start a short but efficient harvest season. Read More

Harvest season of tobacco comes in Cuba

Tobacco growers work at a field during the harvest season in west Cuba. Read More

Schools against Hurricanes project toured Pinar del Rio

French, Spanish and Cuban artists of the Schools against Hurricanes project toured around eighteen communities and towns in the western province of Pinar del Rio that were devastated by the hurricanes last year. Read More

Polo Montañez's music remains at Sierra del Rosario

Sierra del Rosario is a biosphere reserve where Polo used to live and compose his famous songs. Read More

Artists and UNICEF fully devoted to Cuba

The Project Schools against Hurricanes is sponsored by musicians from Europe and Cuba as well as the Unicef. Read More

Great concert to Polo Montañez in its native land

The themes of the Cuban musician Polo Montañez, winner of a Golden and Platinum Albums captivated once more the inhabitants from Pinar del Rio during a homage concert to the songwriter and singer passed away in 2002. Read More

Ida caused Heavy Rains in Western Cuba

Hurricane Ida caused heavy rains on Sunday and Monday in Cuba’s western province of Pinar del Rio Read More

Slancio walks slow but steady, they make jazz preserving the Cuban roots.

Slancio is a jazz trio directed by Ricardo Jorge Pérez Abreu that emerged after a project called Trébol (Clover) which unluckily had just a few work options, but fortunately to this kind of music lovers, it re-emerged on September 5, 2003. Read More

Computerization steps up in Pinar del Río society

The computerization of Pinar del Río society is a long, complex and expensive process that will benefit all the citizens, even those who never sit in front of a computer. Read More

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