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When we arrive to a place that has been victim of a catastrophe with paintbrushes or melodies we manage the happiness to rebirth, then we understand what our truly social mission is, he said.

Leyva has won important international awards and shares spaces with Wifredo Lam at the New York Museum of Modern Art. He is the promoter of the cultural presentations in the areas that suffered the damages of the atmospheric events.

Regarding the initiative, created from the damages made by Gustav and Ike hurricanes, he indicated that it is a school for everybody who is taking part in the Project, since many people are performing for the first time in the places where the hurricanes left their destroying mark.

The leader of the Martha Machado brigade, said to Prensa Latina that it is the opportunity to do what they never believed would do, without formulations, but with the premise of offering a real benefit to the victims.

Kcho opened in this western province two artistic fields in the municipalities of Los Palacios and La Palma, which where among the most affected ones.

- We are trying to perpetuate this Project to become it a usual contribution to the spiritual enrichment of the communities, he added.

The contingents made by soloists, musical groups, painters, sculptors and humour artists will also help to rescue the devastated neighbourhoods, combining their actions with their participation in the recovery actions.

Up to now they have touring, with the same purpose the provinces of Camagüey, Las Tunas and Holguín and will soon travel to Villa Clara.

The painter, also famous for his installations and drawings remembered that the Martha Machado brigade (which carries his mother name) was created in Isla de la Juventud, a territory devastated by the hurricanes.

- We feel we are doing the right thing. Now we are sure, art heals more than any balsam , he emphasized.


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