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Baby Kangaroos: Successful Program of Cuban Health

Referred to as baby kangaroos the underweight babies of the Skin to Skin program in Pinar del Rio province of Cuba who are usually born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. Read More

New Ophthalmological Service in Pinar del Río

Children in the western Cuban province of Pinar del Río will benefit from a new ophthalmological microsurgical service. Read More

In Cuba, Pinar del Río: XXVIII edition of the Week of the Mantua culture

The XXVIII edition of the Week of the Mantua culture, started with the tradition reveille of the Cuban Mambi and with the entrance of the Column of the Mangos de Roque Victory, celebrating the 113 years of the east to west invasion. Read More

National Tree Reforestation in Cuba

Cuba currently boosts the sowing of 560 national royal palm trees, as part of this year's reforestation program, after the damage occurred in the island with the path of three devastating hurricanes in 2008. Read More

Increased Tourist Arrivals in Western Cuba

Despite the damage caused by hurricanes, the province received 290,000 foreign vacationers, a record for the region, according to experts.<br /> Read More

Major Boost to Petrohouses in Ciego de Ávila, Cuba

A major boost received the 20 petrohouses that are currently built in Venezuela municipality, located south of Ciego de Ávila province, which action is inscribed within the cooperation frame between Cuba and the South American country sharing the same name.  <br /> Read More

Cuba to Increase Production of Solar Panels

Cuba's electronic industry will increase production of solar panels this year, which are used to supply electricity in faraway regions. Read More

In Pinar del Río, Cuba: Health sector repairs and finishes facilities

The Provincial Genetics Center, that branch laboratory in Guane and the paediatrics polyclinic are part of the facilities repaired and completed in 2008, reported Doctor Jorge Rafael López Rodríguez, director assistant of Investment and Repair in the Health Care Direction of Vueltabajo. Read More

In Pinar del Río, Cuba: Geroclubs, an option for the elderly

Destined to the elderly, the geroclubs constitute a new Cuban alternative for recreation and learning, which achieved great results in the Community Computer Club of San Luis municipality. Read More

Happy New Year World!

Perhaps, “Happy New Year World” is an extremely general message, but from the land of the best tobacco in the world, of Viñales Valley, Soroa and the warm sands of Jutía and Levisa Keys, and María La Gorda beach at Guanhacabibes Peninsula, we wanted to transmit some love to all the Pinar citizens and also to our readers wherever they are. Read More

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